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Delfogo Reconstructive Eye Serum Review

Botox has been around for many years but in recent years there has been a trend towards topical treatments, which are safer, cheaper and more easy to use. Delfogo is known for its futuristic formulations which have been part of its age-defying range which is really popular nowadays with women who want to steer clear of cosmetic surgery and opt for advanced anti aging skincare instead.


This eye serum has perhaps the most impressive list of ingredients you are likely to come across. It has employed pharmaceutical ingredients for maximum effectiveness in the shortest possible period of time. Haloxyl has been used firstly and this is a relatively new ingredient present only in the most expensive skincare products and this eliminates eye bags and dark circles like nobody’s business. The other element in this powerful concoction is Argireline which is becoming increasingly common in anti aging products nowadays.

Essentially this chemical is a topical form of Botox and although it doesn’t paralyze muscles, it has been proven to be very effective when used for deep set wrinkles especially crow’s feet which for many people are irreversible. It is meant for wrinkles which happen due to repetition of the same expressions and movements around the eye.

According to http://www.eyeserum.com, hyaluronic acid is also used which adds to the skin’s flexibility and elasticity giving it a younger and tighter appearance that it otherwise could not have had. You also have antioxidants in this eye serum which is why it does wonders for prolonged hydration and rejuvenating the skin. The two that are predominant are acai berry and the chemical Resveratrol. Synthesized GABA is also present in the formulation.

Its Use And Purpose

The skin targets the eyelids as well as the area underneath the eyes. It reduces all signs and symptoms of aging and repairs wrinkles and prevents wrinkle formation. As one of the most powerful formulations out there, you can expect to see life-changing results in 4 months after which the regular use of the cream can be abandoned. At any rate you only need a small amount twice a day as the cream is quite concentrated and not designed to be used in large amounts.

It also deals with other common eye problems such as darkness under the eyes, eye bags and overall puffiness. With the Haloxyl which is included, this problem is combated and the effects are very desirable. Many review websites such as EyeCream.com have called this the topical equivalent of Botox at a fraction of the price. Many have said that the effects can only be realistically compared to Botox and it is overall much safer to administer than Botox which can cause massive reactions if used incorrectly.

From the entire Delfogo range, this has proven to be the most popular product and it is not difficult to see why. It is effective and somewhat reasonably priced even if not too affordable, and you definitely get what you pay for with this revolutionary product. It show results within the first month even in the most hopeless cases.