Frequently Asked Questions

What is BootCamp for Shelter from the Storm?
BootCamp for Shelter from the Storm is a one hour, GoodLife Fitness BootCamp that will challenge you in support of women and children dealing with the biggest challenge of their lives…
The BootCamp takes place on Saturday, April 30 in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

What if it rains during the event?
The event will take place rain or shine! Please check the weather the day of the event and bring the appropriate protective clothing.

Can I participate on my own?
Yes. However, many people will choose to form a team for the support and camaraderie. Consider registering as a team captain by creating a team now and by using our handy email invitations to ask your family, friends and co-workers to join your team.

How can my school/company/department/organization get involved?
You can get your school, company, department or organization involved by registering one or more teams for the event. Consider registering as a team captain and start a team from your company or organization now.

Do I have to be registered to watch the BootCamp?
No. You can cheer on participants at both the Calgary and Toronto locations or make a donation online to a participant.


I would like to volunteer. How do I find out more?
Volunteers are an integral part of BootCamp for Shelter from the Storm. Please send an email to  with the word VOLUNTEER and your CITY in the subject line. Please include your full name and your daytime and evening phone numbers in the email and someone from our team will get back to you.

Pledges and tax receipts

How many sponsors do I need?
As many as you want. Each participant is asked to raise a minimum of $300, however most participants raise much more.

Do I have to collect the donations from the people who have agreed to pledge me?
Yes. Encourage your sponsors to give you their donation online, where they will pay by credit card immediately during the online pledging process. You can also collect offline pledges and track them through your personal page. Offline pledges can be mailed in or brought to the event when you register.

When will the Canadian Women’s Foundation send out tax receipts forBootCamp for Shelter from the Storm pledges and donations?
Donors who have pledged online will receive electronic tax receipts by email within minutes of making their pledge. Offline donations of $20 or more will automatically be receipted. The Canadian Women’s Foundation does not issue tax receipts for registration fees, since these help offset the costs of the event, and, according to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations, do not qualify for charitable tax receipts.

Can I bank my donors’ donations and write one cheque or use my credit card to pay for all donations?
Yes, as long as all the donors names and addresses are clearly written on the pledge form or entered separately online. You can bring your pledge form on event day or mail in the pledge form(s) and the cheque(s) or the credit card number with expiry date to the address below:
Canadian Women’s Foundation
Attn: BootCamp
133 Richmond Street W, Suite 504
Toronto, ON
M5H 2L3

How do I make an online pledge even though I’m not participating inBootCamp for Shelter from the Storm?
You can pledge a BootCamp  participant online by selecting the “support a friend” link on the left navigation bar, and following the instructions.

I want to support a friend who is participating but I don’t want to give my credit card number online. Can I send a cheque in their name? Where do I send it?
You can write a cheque to Canadian Women’s Foundation and send it to the address below with a note of the contact details (name, address, phone number, email) of the person you are pledging. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.
Canadian Women’s Foundation
Attn: BootCamp
133 Richmond Street W, Suite 504
Toronto, ON
M5H 2L3

What do I do with the money I have collected offline?
You can enter them in through the ‘Offline Donation section from within your account. You will then have the opportunity to pay for those donations using your own credit card. Once you have paid for those donations, tax receipts will automatically be issued to the donor based on the email address you provided from them (note: tax receipts are only generated for donations above $20). If the donor does not have an email address, you can enter in your own email address and then print off the tax receipt and provide it to the donor.

I lost my tax receipt. How can I get another copy?
If you have lost your tax receipt, contact

I can’t make it to the event. Can I make a donation to Shelter from the Storm?
Yes. Please make your donation at

Online support

Who can help me with online support?
If you experience any online issues please contact us at