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Hottest Wedding Trends for 2018

Social media, particularly Pinterest, has been highly influential in the overall look and themes of weddings these days. If you are a big Pinterest fan, it may not surprise you to find many of the things you see online finding their way to a wedding you are attending. While there is nothing wrong with using Pinterest as inspiration, you don’t want your event to be just another Pinterest cutout, right?

Creative ideas make a memorable weddingOriginality is key to having a memorable event for you and your guests. Gone are the days where cookie-cutter events ruled the day. Couples now have a different take on weddings, but many times, social media is ruining the creative spirit, too.

This year, we’ve seen the rebirth of hipster wedding themes, with wood cutouts for the centerpiece, mandala backdrops, and Edison-type lightbulbs. It was refreshing until the theme got overused and became mainstream. While the hipster theme is fit for some couples, others do not share the same values, and so the idea turns out looking out of place for them.

We’ve also seen a lot of handmade stuff at weddings lately, from invitations, decorations, a wedding band in New Jersey (NJ) to giveaways. While some couples hire someone to do the lettering for them, others do the calligraphy themselves. There is a lot of appreciation for things handmade, and so having these personalized elements included in the wedding makes the event even more memorable. Again, it was okay at the beginning until everyone started doing the same thing. Pinterest feeds began to be filled in with all items handmade.

This coming 2018, what trends do we expect for weddings? Will this year be another turnover from 2017, or will it introduce long-gone trends that will now be back in fashion?

Here are the hottest wedding trends for 2018:

Festive dining table at the wedding1. Traditional dishes and desserts

For the longest time, many couples opt to have fusion dishes for their event. Ever heard of macaroni sprinkled with truffles and cocoa nibs? This dish may look good on photos, but many people would still go for the classic mac-and-cheese any time of the day. This year, we’ll see many traditional dishes making a comeback, like pesto pasta, corn on a cob smothered in butter, fried chicken, fruit salad, and tiered cakes. It’s time for your grandmother’s recipes to get out of their shelves!

2. Local specialties

Many couples choose to have out-of-this-world dishes, decorations, and giveaways for their wedding. However, this year will see local specialties being the highlight of events. Let’s say you’re living in Utah. You may have buffalo on your menu. Or if you’re living in Toronto, then you may have maple syrup on some of your dishes. This move shows people’s increasing appreciation for what’s available in their hometown.

These are two of the hottest wedding trends for 2018. You don’t always have to follow trends because what’s important is you and your partner would get to express your personalities on this crucial day. If you truly own your wedding and never compare it with others, then you will have an event that many will fondly remember for the rest of your lives.