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How Korean Cosmetics Make the Difference​

Makeup lovers around the world know the craze that exists about Korean cosmetics. Being very different from other kinds, say American makeup, Korean products have a market of their own. In fact, standards of beauty and the idea of looking ‘prim and proper’ are distinctly different in Korea as compared to the rest of the world. Makeup here is minimalistic and focuses on a flawless appearance as compared to contoured, heavy eye makeup elsewhere.

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The difference is also based on skin types in Asia and elsewhere. The epidermis in the skin of Asians is more compact leading to a slow absorption of makeup. Tanning is more here and thus, most Korean products have a minimum SPF of 25 while SPF 50 is also not uncommon. This high rate of SPF gives Korean women and those using their makeup a whitish appearance with sheen. In fact, this is why Korean women get fewer wrinkles since their skin is protected with stronger sunscreen.

Soko Glam LogoDigging a little into history will show that in Korean men and women with whiter skin signified that they belong to a higher class since they clearly weren’t spending time under the sun working in the fields. Though the situation has changed with time, the conception hasn’t. Koreans still prefer the dewy look and that is the kind of look their makeup products create. Korea also experiences extreme winters but without snowfall which ends up making the locals having dry skin which turns hard. Thus, products from here are dumped with moisturizing elements also creating the whitish effect.

Korean Makeup products also focus on the use of natural ingredients the use of which actually benefits the skin. The usual cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is not what the average Korean follows. Their regime is an 8-10 process long which is somewhat like this – cleansing, toning, serum or essence, moisturizing, applying eye cream, use of face masks and applying face mists. These products are not just meant for women – the Korean makeup and skin care market also caters to men. There are BB creams for men too which help them achieve the dewy and brighter look.

Here are some benefits which you can get by using the most common Korean makeup products:

  • BB Cream or the Blemish Balm from Korea is like a moisturizer with a tint which is a lighter version of the foundation. Most BB Creams come with SPF protection and also gives coverage to light blemishes without making you sweat or your skin oily.
  • Facial Mists – These hydrate the skin and are good for those living in hot climates since it is refreshing.
  • Highlighters – Also known as aluminises, they create the effect much desired in Korea – the baby faced, dewy appearance.
  • Facial Masks – These are meant to be used at the end of the day, before going to bed, these are available in numerous varieties, clear the skin, hydrating it and making it supple.

Korean women are rarely seen stepping out of their homes without eye liners and thus, majority of these products are water resistant. They are usually jet black, creating a stark result on the fair skin of Korean women. Highlighting eyebrows is also a trend here so you will find eyebrow pencils in different shades and the brown ones are particularly attractive. Cushion cosmetics are also popular in Korea and these get the work done in no time. A mix between compact and BB cream, it is easy to apply and carry. It also does the job of two or three things together, making it ideal for those in a perpetual rush.

Toners are considered as preparation before applying makeup since it hydrates the skin and not as a secondary cleansing agent. Exfoliation is also an important part of skin care regime in Korea too which results in them getting smoother skin and that’s why the makeup sits well. Concepts of skin care and beauty vary greatly in Korea as compared to the rest of the world and the currently, universally popular, American makeup style. Thus, Korean makeup products are created with a different idea in mind and the same items serve a different purpose there.