Women's Issues

Why Women Need to be Smart

For us women, modern life is full of challenges and many difficult choices. To meet these challenges, we must be able to make intelligent decisions. Having practical knowledge enables us to observe the problems in society, including killing, disease, pollution, poverty, among others. Noting this, a sharp mind sees the causes and therefore the solutions. First, when discussing intelligence, we need to ask whether we define intelligence as the accumulation and use of knowledge. Are knowledge and intelligence the same, or is intelligence different than accumulating vast amounts of knowledge as memory?

Women needs the ability to assess the situationYou know in our society, we worship those who are knowledgeable and exceptionally well-educated. Our schools reward those who can remember in great detail, and those with the highest grades rise to the top of the class. This creates an environment of competition. The question of whether competition is healthy is debatable. But we do know that students with lesser abilities are typically destined for failure. Creativity and questioning of processes are not encouraged in school or society for that matter. The act of producing a technical and mechanical mind, devoid of caring, becomes the most crucial goal in a competitive world.

It would be impossible to function without knowledge, yet with all our accumulated experience over time, we still, as a society, can not manage to get along. The question also arises, why knowledge is worshiped in modern society? If the mind searches for answers to these human issues using accumulated education, won’t the result will be the same as what has occurred over and over again for centuries? When the mind operates with all its prejudices, nationalism, division, in other words; it’s conditioning, which has been accepted over time, the result is only further confusion and chaos. Changes that are short-sighted and incomplete, just propagate more of the same, and the fundamental issues remain unresolved. We depend on our politicians and governments to solve these problems, but anyone who conscientiously observes these matters knows that intelligent decisions are lacking in most cases.

To live a healthy and sane life, we must use intelligence. Whether it means the food we eat or the career we choose or the education of our children; intelligence plays an important role. It is important to seriously think about the choices and decisions we make in life, and the impact they have on our future and the effects on others as well. Unfortunately, most of our education ignores the fundamentals of the human condition, and thus we live in conflict. If we can not manage to get along with our neighbor, how is it possible to get along with the rest of the world? When intelligence is used wisely, meaning with compassion and caring, we begin to see that our problems are experienced by everyone, everywhere. Understanding this is the beginning of making decisions that will bring people of the world closer together, rather than dividing them further apart.